Top batting gloves to buy this cricket season

Broken fingers and dislocated wrists are among the most common injuries on the cricket field, and that is why it is essential that players invest in a pair of good cricket gloves. Gloves are a must for batsmen as they not only help them get a good grip of the bat, but also protect them from shock. For fielders too, cricket gloves are important because the impact from the ball can damage their hands. Here are our top picks for cricket gloves this season –

  1. Gray Nicolls Legend Batting Gloves 2019 – One of the finest gloves available today, the Gray Nicolls Legend Batting Gloves 2019 are equipped with Pittards Gripster leather palms which offer great feel, steady grip and moisture control. The gloves are made from diffuser foam, EVA, fiber shield and impact gel for maximum protection. The gloves have a  dual sided elasticated sweat-band that absorbs moisture.
  2. GM Original LE Batting Gloves – 2018 – These gloves from Gunn & Moore offer the best of style and protection. The gloves have a multisection design and side bar protection. The gloves have been designed in a manner that they instantly dissipate force upon impact. They have been tested thoroughly and the result reveal that they can absorb up to  90% of energy when impacted at high strain rates. They also come with Microban® antimicrobial protection which prevents the growth of stain and odour-causing bacteria.
  3. Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Batting Gloves 2019 – Done in bright, funky colours, these top-of-the-line from Kahuna are very effective at doing their job. The gloves have a  Pittard Quartz leather palm and a neoprene wristband for a super soft and comfortable feel. For enhanced durability, the gloves have anti wear patches on the palm and heel areas. The Airflow mesh gussets help in managing moisture and keeping the batsmen’s hands cool during long innings.
  4. Newbery Quantum Batting Gloves – Featuring a bold design, these gloves have several features which make them ideal for professional batsmen. The all new split finger style glove offers excellent control and comfort to the batsman. The Mesh vented cooling system aids in sweat control and ensures that the batsman remains cool and comfortable during long innings.
  5. New Balance DC 1080 Batting Gloves – The top quality gloves from New Balance, they have a multi section finger design for optimum flexibility and comfort. The ventilated gusset area of the gloves offers excellent moisture management. The palms of the gloves are done in premium quality sheep leather while the back is made of PU. The gloves are also equipped with Fibre inserts to the leading fingers for added protection.

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