Top batting pads to buy this season

England is already a
couple of months into the cricket season and it is time when players will be
shopping for new cricket equipment. The importance of good quality cricket
protective gear can’t be underscored enough and batting pads are an
indispensable part of the batting kit. There are high chances that the hard
leather ball might hit the lower legs and injure them, therefore, all batsmen
must invest in high-quality batting pads. Here are our top picks for batting
pads based on durability, comfort and defence factor –

  1. Gray Nicolls Legend Batting Legguards – The Legend series from Gray Nicolls has given us some excellent bats, but their batting legguard is also the top choice of professional batsmen. The vertical shin Bolster of the pads is made of Vapour Foam strips, HD Foam strips and Poly-armour, which makes the pads ultra-tough without compromising with comfort. The Gel Zone knee cup protects the knees from high impact.
  2. GM Original Batting Legguard 2018 – A top level batting pad designed for the highest level of protection and flexibility, the GM Original Batting Legguard 2018 boasts of the 7 vertical bar design in the front of the pad. The high-density foam construction of the bat keeps it lightweight while ensuring maximum protection. XRD Extreme Impact Protection embedded in the bat ensures the safety of the knees.
  3. Kookaburra Kahuna Concept Pro Batting Legguard – These batting pads, with their Kookaburra Kahuna design, are quite the smashers. These pads use the latest 3D compression moulding and traditional pad making techniques for offering test match level protection. Made from high-density foam and reinforced cane rods, the pads do not compromise on comfort or protection factor.
  4. SS Ton Test Opener Batting Legguards – Special Edition Embossed “S” – These batting pads stand out because of their unique design. The front of the pads has an embossed “S”. The pads have been made using the finest of materials for extra comfort, durability and a high level of protection. The side bolsters are extra wide to offer enhanced protection from impact during deliveries. The wide velcro straps with cushion packs ensure a snug fit.
  5. Adidas SL22 Pro Batting Legguard – The Adidas SL22 Pro Batting Legguard is preferred by many top professionals for its lightweight construction which allows the batsman to play comfortably during long innings. The pads are characterised by full front cane vertical protection and a traditional 3-piece knee roll section. There is an internal TPU board too for added protection.

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