Top Cricket Bats Launched in 2020!

2020 has been a mess in a lot of ways but one thing we love about it is all the new cricket gear that came out this season (though we have been unfortunate to not witness it in action on the pitch). Almost all major brands launched some excellent cricket gear in dashing new designs and we can’t wait for the cricket season to reopen. 

Here are our top picks for the cricket bats that have been launched in the cricket season 2020 –

  1. Kookaburra Ghost Pro Cricket Bat 2020 – Kookaburra’s bats are not only known for their excellent design and craftsmanship but also the stunning graphics they all have. This bat is no different. With stunning chrome graphics in white and awesome hitting power, it is a bat for the all-rounder. Made from the top-quality Grade 1 English willow, it is super-lightweight but has immense power owing to its full profile shape and a large sweet spot with thick edges. The bat’s power is augmented by its flat Powerplus face and super spine height.
  2. SS Ton Reserve Edition Cricket Bat – This is yet another brilliant bat from SS Ton. Made with premium quality Grade 1 English willow, this bat promises a power-packed performance. It has a full profile shape, thick edges and a pronounced spine. The bat is big and durable but gives a super smooth pick-up. The oval-shaped handle ensures that the player’s grip on the bat is strong and comfortable. 
  3. Gray Nicolls Oblivion Stealth Pro Performance Cricket Bat – The weighty name of the bat reflects the formidable power that this bat will give its wielder. The bat, made of the selected Grade 1 English willow, has been shaped and contoured for quick hand speed. The bat has a pronounced high middle, full profile and thick edges which help in making fierce shots with precision. Looks, balance and ping – you get it all from this bat.
  4. New Balance 1260 Cricket Bat – This bat is for those that make split-second decisions on the pitch, whether to pack explosive power in the shot or make it accurate and well-targeted. This bat gives the player the flexibility to alternate between both the styles. It is made from Grade 1 English willow and has a  pronounced hitting area and massive profile. The bat’s thick edges help with off-centre shots and the large sweet spot is suitable for all types of players. 
  5. Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Cricket Bat 2020 – Kookaburra is a brand that makes heads turn everywhere with its stunning graphics. This bat has those and a long list of great features. The bat is made from the highest quality English willow and it has a round Powerdrive handle that offers great grip. The mid-blade sweet spot and thick edges help in making forceful shots. The flat Powerplus face and super spine height add to the power of the bat.

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