Top Cricket Bats to Buy in April 2021

Want to upgrade your cricket bat and looking for only the best of the best? VKS has you covered. We have all the top bat models from the best brands in the world of cricket. Whether your batting style is forceful and power-packed, or you like making balanced and accurate shots, VKS has the perfect bat for you. Here is a glimpse of VKS’ top picks for premium bats that will make you a hero on the pitch –

  1. GM Diamond Players Edition Cricket Bat – This bat, made from Grade 1 English willow, is special because it has Ben Stokes’ signature laser-engraved on it. The bat has an L540 blade design which gives it a more dynamic sweet spot. The bat also has a mid swell position, large swell area and optimized F4.5 face dynamics  which give the batsman both balance and power. This bat is available only in a limited supply. 
  2. Gray Nicolls Legend Cricket Bat – This bat not only has great features, but it has gained popularity for its stunning looks as well. The bat has minimal designing and the branding, laser-engraved on the bat, lends it an unparalleled elegance. The mid-blade sweet spot on the Legend is conducive to all round stroke play. The low weight of the bat and its concave sculpted design offers a smooth pickup to the batsman. The semi-oval handle finished with stepped weaving makes the bat very comfortable to hold. 
  3. Kookaburra Ghost Pro Cricket Bat – This bat is a favourite among professionals because of its stunning white and chrome graphics and the power and lightweight feel it has to offer. The bat, made from carefully selected pieces of Grade 1 English willow, has thick edges and full profile which gives it immense power. The flat powerplus face and full spine height only add to its power. The round powerdrive handle is comfortable to hold and gives great control to batsmen.
  4. SF Black Edition Cricket Bat – A powerful bat with stunning black and silver graphics, it has been made from the highest quality English willow. The bat has a large sweet spot and very thick edges which makes it perfect for batsmen who like to pack a lot of power in their shots. The mid to low sweet spot of the bat is great for all rounders. 
  5. Keeley Superior Premium Cricket Bat – The Keeley brothers have been in the bat-making industry for over 40 years, and one of the best bats available today comes from their brand. The full profile of the bat gives immense power to the batsmen and the semi-round bat face is good at twist reduction. The handle, made of 12 pieces of cane with 3 rubber sections and cork gives strength and the right level of flex to the batsman. The handle is also excellent at absorbing shock and reducing twist to give the player a smooth batting experience. 

Want to own one of these great bats? Whether you are a professional player or a beginner, At VKS, you will find the perfect bat which suits your playing style. We have a brick-and-mortar store and an online shop from where you can easily buy the cricket equipment of your choice. In the shop, our trained and experienced sales staff are there to help you choose the right bat, and on our website, we provide sufficient details about products for you to make well-informed decisions. We follow all safety protocols and maintain social-distancing so that you have a stress-free and safe shopping experience. So, shop online or at our cricket store in London for all your cricket needs!


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