Top cricket pads to buy under £100 on!

A batsman’s uniform is incomplete without a pair of cricket pads – after all, there is always a high risk of injuries to the leg from a power-packed leather ball. Why take chances when you can buy a pair of good, high-performing cricket pads from some of the most popular brands from for less than £100? Let us acquaint you with our top picks of cricket pads for less than £100 –

  1. Gray Nicolls Powerbow 6 1500 Legguards – The Powerbow series from Gray Nicolls not only boasts of excellent bats, but it has given the world robust legguards as well. The Powerbow 6 1500 is a high-performing legguard that uses Ultralite HDF to offer excellent durability while being lightweight. The pad’s performance comes from its trisystem vertical booster which is made of EVA and Poly-armour and then complemented with seven 30mm light HD Foam bolsters and reinforced cane rods.
  2. GM Original Batting Legguard 2018 – GM is among the top names for all kinds of cricket equipment and they have not compromised on quality or design while creating the excellent GM Original Batting legguard 2018 as well. The front of the pad has a 7- bar vertical bar design and high-density foam construction to offer the highest level of security. The wide side bolsters also add to the security factor of the pads. 
  3. Kookaburra Kahuna 1000 Batting Legguard – The Kahuna series is well known for being an eye-catcher and the Kookaburra Kahuna 1000 Batting pad is no different. The legguard also has the stunning Kookaburra Kahuna design. The reversed foam makes the bat lightweight and gives great impact protection. The flex contoured knee roll area offers flexibility while playing.
  4. Adidas SL22 Pro Batting Legguard – The Adidas SL22 Pro Batting pad is among the best choices for professionals. With full front vertical cane protection, TPU foam and TPU knee protection, the pad promises great flexibility, durability and comfort. The lightweight construction with high and low-density foam ensures enhanced comfort. The single knee locator with height adjuster allows for the best fit possible. 
  5. New Balance TC 1260 Batting Legguards – It is a top-quality batting pad used by several professional players including Joe Root. The 7-bars front vertical bolsters with foam padding provide a high level of protection against impact. The nylon straps with cushioned support straps ensure that the pads stay in place all the time while keeping the player comfortable. 

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