Top Cricket Socks to Buy Right Now

Socks are often an overlooked part of the cricket uniform, but their importance is understated. They keep the feet comfortable in the cricket shoes by cushioning them and keeping them dry. They also help in adding to the fit of the shoes and preventing the feet from slipping out while playing. Thus, it is important to choose the right pair of cricket socks. Here’s a glimpse of the top cricket socks from leading cricket brands –

  1. Horizon Test Cricket Socks – It is among the best cricket socks in the world of cricket as it has been known to keep the feet super comfortable during long games. The socks are thick, soft and cushioned which helps give all-round comfort to the feet. The quality of the socks is such that even wash after wash, they look and feel like new. Due to their high wool content, the socks have an excellent moisture management system. 
  2. GM Teknik Cool Max Socks – GM is a renowned brand in the world of cricket, commended for its extensive range of cricket equipment. No matter what they make, the thought and care which goes into making each of their products perfect is visible. Their socks display the same level of quality as their other products. This model of socks is among their best as it uses high quality material which cushions the feet very well and keeps them dry during the game. The socks are long lasting and feel like new even after many washes.
  3. Horizon County Cricket Sock – Another excellent cricket sock from Horizon, this one offers great value for money. These traditional style socks offer a great cushioned feel to the feel and fit very well. The anti-blister property of the socks is especially useful in playing in hot and humid climates. The high quality material of the socks makes them very durable. These socks are available in cream and grey colours. 
  4. Kookaburra Airtech Cricket Socks (Twin Pack) – Kookaburra is an Australian cricket equipment brand which is known for its top quality products across all categories. Their stylish socks in shades of grey and with the iconic Kookaburra logo offer great value for money as they come in a twin pack. The socks are made from breathable airflow fabric for comfort and have anti-blister properties. They offer cushioning to the heel and arch area for comfort and better support. 
  5. Kookaburra Club Cricket Socks – These are comfortable modern-style cricket socks which do an excellent job at keeping the feet cushioned and helping in moisture management. They look and feel new even wash after wash.
  6. GM Premier Socks – Priced reasonably, these cotton and lycra mix socks offer cushioning and comfort to the feet. They also do a good job at moisture management. A good value-for-money buy from a reputed brand.

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