Top Duke Cricket Balls You Can Buy On!

Like cricket bats, cricket balls too have to follow their own set of rules for professional games. A sound cricket ball will have a cork interior with twine wound around it and a red leather covering. Even the seam of the ball has to be meticulous – raised seam of six rows of stitching. This will give the ball its unique aerodynamic qualities and its swing, cut and spin.

At VKS, we have top-quality balls from Duke, the most renowned brands for cricket balls in the world of cricket. Check out their unique features here –

  1. Dukes Crown Prince Cricket Ball (5 1/2oz) – This ball truly is the crown prince of balls. The top quality, fully hand-sewn ball is made using the best English Alum tanned leather which is handled carefully and given a traditional finish. The ball’s weight is optimum at 156 gms. This tough ball is the most suitable for top-level league cricket matches which last 50 overs or more.   
  2. Dukes Prince Cricket Ball (5 1/2oz) – This top-quality ball is made from English alum tanned leather. The ball is fully hand-sewn and has a traditional greased finish. It has a tough cortex centre for shape retention even after repeated hitting with the bat. This ball, owing to its high-quality materials and meticulous construction, is a great choice premier league cricket matches.
  3. Dukes Select Cricket Ball (156 g) – A budget ball but it comes with excellent features. The ball is made with carefully selected high-quality leather and is completely hand-sewn. The cortex centre helps in retaining the shape of the ball in long, aggressive matches. The ball has a perma anti-scuff finish. It is an excellent choice for high standard club cricket matches. 
  4. Dukes Cadet Cricket Ball Junior – Does your child enjoy playing cricket and wants to pursue it as a serious passion? Then give him/her serious equipment to play with. This ball, made from premium quality leather has a cork and rubber interior. It is fully hand-sewn and has a traditional greased finish. This ball is the perfect choice for top standard junior club and school cricket.
  5. Dukes Club Match Cricket Ball (156g) Pink – A pink ball because why not? This high-quality ball is made from good quality leather and has a cortex centre for shape retention even after repeated hitting. The ball is fully hand-sewn and has a perma anti-scuff finish. This ball is the best suited for school and club cricket.

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