Top Junior Cricket Bats for £150 and less

Cricket for juniors today has become ultra-competitive and professional, and that is why junior players ought to have the best of equipment when they step out on the pitch to play. The cricket bat is among the most important components of the game and a batsman’s performance in the game can be augmented greatly with a good cricket bat. Let us look at some of the best cricket bats available in the market for £150 and less –

  1. GM Diamond 808 Cricket Bat Junior – Gunn and Moore is known to produce some of the best bats for professional cricket, and the company has put the same amount of effort in designing this bat for the junior range. A bat made from fine English willow, the bat’s specially designed profile gives it a dynamic sweet spot. The bat also gets its power from its full-shape design and mid-swell position.
  2. Gray Nicolls Shockwave 5 Star Lite Junior Cricket Bat – The 2019 Shockwave series from Gray Nicolls has had everyone in awe because of its bold design. The Shockwave series not only has stunning bats for adult players, but their bats for juniors have also become the talk of the town. The bat, made from finest quality English willow gives excellent results. The lightweight bat has a high middle and thick edges for offering maximum power to the batsman. At the VKS store and website, it comes fitted with a toe-guard and a bat cover.
  3. Kookaburra Kahuna 4.0 Cricket Bat 2019 – This model from Kookaburra, available in Small Men’s size and junior sizes, has been for commended for its “value for money” factor. Made from unbleached English willow, the bat has a full spinel, thick edges and a mid-blade sweet spot. The round powerdrive handle and the snake grip helps the player remain in control of the bat while doing tricky shots.
  4. SS TON Gold Edition Junior Cricket Bat – This bat from SS TON is an excellent choice for professional playing as it uses top-grade English willow and yet comes at an affordable price. The carefully handcrafted bat has a lightweight design and offers meticulous balance to the player. The thick edges and the contoured profile give power to junior batsmen for delivering ace shots on the pitch.
  5. New Balance TC 560 Junior Cricket Bat – This one is the latest cricket bat for juniors from New Balance this season and it has some excellent features which promise a power-packed performance. The lightweight bat gives smooth pickup and the pronounced hitting area is highly effective when it comes to making aggressive shots. The thick edges help players manage off-centre shots and the large sweet spot area makes it suitable for different kinds of batting styles.

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