VKS’ Top Picks for Masuri Helmets!

Masuri has established itself as the king of helmet brands in the world of cricket, and it deserves to be so because of the excellent craftsmanship and raw materials it uses to make helmets. Celebrity cricketers swear by the brand, and that is a solid testimony to the quality of the helmets. At VKS, we have stocked all the top models of Masuri helmets for cricketers. Here are some of our favourite picks –

  1. Masuri T Line Titanium Cricket Helmet – A superb helmet, this promises top-level protection because of its design and the materials it uses. The helmet has been made with single shell construction which means that it is very difficult to break it into different parts. It has a titanium grill which is lightweight, but also very strong – it will protect the facial area from fast-flying leather balls. 
  2. Masuri Vision Series Elite Titanium Helmet – This top-of-the-range helmet boasts of some powerful features which make it one of the toughest helmets available in the market. The Halo Reinforcement System is a unique feature of this helmet – it is an extra strength helmet rim, which also ensures the wearer is protected from a ball at even 90mph. Another amazing feature of this helmet is the eye-Line grill design which gives the batsmen an added 5mm of visibility range.
  3. Masuri Vision Series Test Titanium Cricket Helmet – The perfect helmet for text matches – it is ultra lightweight and very comfortable. The comfort level of the helmet is enhanced by strategically placed vents in the inner and outer shells that improve air flow. The helmet uses certified grade 5 titanium and incorporates advanced manufacturing techniques to give greater protection. It also has the Halo Reinforcement system which protects from very fast-flying balls.
  4. Masuri E Line Titanium cricket helmet – This one comes with a double grille that ensures greater protection, but without getting in the way of visibility. It uses single shell construction that makes the helmet lightweight and stronger than helmets with multiple parts in the shell. The sides of the helmet are padded for comfort and protection to the cheeks and ears. The adjustable straps ensure that the helmet can be worn according to one’s comfort level. 
  5. Masuri Vision Series Elite Steel Cricket Helmet – Boasting of a steel grille, this helmet excels at what it is meant to do – protect. Owing to the Eye-Line grille design, the helmet has an additional top bar, placed on the eye line which offers a greater surface area to the ball on impact, thereby protecting the face. The Halo Reinforcement System is an extra strength helmet rim and its job is to protect the player from balls at even 90mph. 

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