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The Mighty Cricket Bat

A Cricket Bat is not some randompiece wood with a handle to hold and swing. Today’s Cricket bats are made of special wood from a variety of timber aka salix alba, which is commonly referred to as the English Willow Wood and the other variety Kashmir Wood. Both woods have their own distinctive quality and vary in how theyperforms as a Cricket Bat. English Willow is lighter in colour and weighs less whereas the Kashmir Willow is brown and tends to be heavier. Though there are variations on colour and strength, the cricket bat has a standard measurement of 38 inches length and 4.25 inches width. As a leading Cricket Shop in the UK, VKS has all the famous Cricket Bats made to perfection to suit your style of batting.

Selecting The Right Cricket Bat

Cricket Bat selection plays a critical role for a professional batsman or batswoman because the right Cricket Bat enables him/her to execute their stroke as intended. A wrong selection of Cricket Bat more often frustrates the batsman or batswoman as there will be disconnect between the intent and the result. There are two choices in selecting a Cricket Bat, heavier one or lighter one. A heavier Cricket Bat generates more thrust on its own while hitting the ball and sends the ball faster to its destination whereas a lighter Cricket Bat needs more power generated by the player. A batsman or batswoman needs to know which one is comfortable for them to play with and practice with that for perfection.

The Feel Of Power In Every Stroke

Every Cricket player knows what it feels like playing a shot with the ideal Cricket bat. One can feel the sound of the willow hitting the leather ball and knows instantly that the purpose of the stroke is accomplished. A rightly chosen Cricket Bat not only sends the ball in the right direction, but also gives enormous confidence for the player holding it.

A Variety Of Cricket Bats To Choose From

There are a variety of companies who manufacture high quality Cricket Bats which are the preferred for professional cricketers and amateurs as well. Some of the top brands who make Cricket Bats include Gray Nichols, Kookaburra, SS Ton, SG, MRF, Infinity, New Balance, Keeley, Adidas, Gunn & Moore, CA, SF Stanford. VKS is the leading sellers for all the above brands in UK, with direct procurement from brands in bulk and hence can offer very attractive prices. As an exclusive Cricket equipments outlet in UK, VKS can help you select the right Cricket Bat with our deep knowledge on the subject.



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