Your Guide to Cricket Clothing 2020

Choosing the right cricket clothing is important to your performance because if your clothes are not comfortable, then you will not be able to focus on the game. Your clothing has to fit well, allow sufficient movement and have the ability to absorb sweat effectively. Also, the right cricket uniform helps in reinforcing your seriousness regarding the game. It will also help players in identifying with their team. 

Here are the cricket clothing essentials you should have with you for the cricket season 2020 –

  1. Cricket shirts – Standard cricket shirts are always white in colour and have collars. They can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved. You can choose your sleeves depending on the climate of the place you are playing in. Also, make sure you have 3-4 cricket shirts if you practice and play regularly. Make sure that your cricket shirts are made from materials that absorb sweat well, are easy to wash and quick to dry. On, you can buy cricket shirts from the leading brands – Adidas, Infinity, Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra, GM and VKS. 
  2. Cricket Trousers – Standard cricket trousers, like cricket shirts, are white in colour. They have an elastic waistband and are loose enough to accommodate cricket protection gear like the hip and thigh strippers and abdo guard. On, you can buy cricket trousers from Adidas, Gray Nicolls, Infinity, Kookaburra, GM and VKS.
  3. Cricket Sweaters – Cricket sweaters are a must in England for those cold days when the skies are overcast and there it is likely to rain. Cricket sweaters are either full-sleeved or sleeveless and they all have a V-neck. Standard sweaters are white but some brands have have a band of colour around the neck. On, we have cricket sweaters from Adidas, GM and VKS.
  4. Cricket underwear – Cricket underwear is important because it protects your vital organs from getting hurt by the ball. It is preferable to choose underwear that fits well, is capable of absorbing sweat quickly and is padded. On, you can buy the 3-in-1 shorts, jock shorts, jockstrap or jock briefs depending upon your preference.
  5. Cricket socks – Cricket socks have to be soft, comfortable, quick at absorbing sweat and drying themselves up. Standard cricket socks are usually white buy you can also get them in grey and black colour depending upon the brand. On, you can buy cricket socks from the top brands like Thorlo, Asics and Nike. 
  6. Cricket baselayers – Baselayers, as the name suggests, are that layer of clothing which is closest to the skin and all the other clothes are worn on top of that. Baselayers are particularly useful in the winter season or for playing at places with a cold climate as they help in keeping the body warm. On, we have baselayers from Adidas, Kookaburra and GM. 

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